Tala. East Coast born and gypsy raised. Meeting Interesting People around the World, becoming a young child destined for Greatness.

The Love of Dance was always in her soul. Formal training began as an adult, however, family and friends share fond memories of impromptu performances.

Today she is full of Zest. Finally fulfilling the path to her Destiny. Everyday taking a further step into the Unknown and never compromising her Heart.


TALA Runway. Bonobo - Kiara

Battle Scene: Vas 'Kali Basa'; 300 'Cursed by Beauty'; Vas 'Lila'

Stilt Dance. Choreographed, Filmed, and Edited by TALA. Beyonce' - 7/11

To be a muse. To grace global high fashion runways. To star in science fiction motion film productions.
To live life to the fullest at every moment.
To never forget to laugh & love